Aflofarm is a №1 pharmaceutical company in Poland on the OTC market. It exports its vide range of products to 30 countries around the world.
We had a privilege to do a filmed TV commercial video that would represent one of their products - Vedimasan, which is basically a relieving leg gel tube with a special massaging head. The video with a 3D animation ingrained was used on a TV as well as on the very website of the product.


Vedimasan is a commercial product which comprises a relieving leg gel tube with a special massaging head. Came up on the market in 2015, now active on the Polish, European and Russian market.

Target Group

- target groups of the company that watch TV or came across the product on the internet


The basic requirement for us was to prepare a decent commercial video at up to 30 seconds that would clearly describe to the established target group what the product is, how to use it, what needs does it satisfy and what emotions does it share. Another requirement was to make a clear call to action at the end and show where is that product available. While also creating the whole video it was important to make sure that the layout is friendly and that all the animation and voice engages the viewer and delivers the very content which is needed.


Before we started working on a video, we focused on a thorough analysis of matching our client’s needs and preferences with the ones of an established target group of a video. Also, we had to agree on how we would represent the product and add up a clear call to action. Afterwards, we started the conceptual work which resulted in a mutually consolidated script with a storyboard of a video.

Thereafter, we proceeded with picking up the actor, place, internal design and setting up the light for the video shots. After the process of filming took place, the client gave the last green light for creating a 3D animation of a product and add up the voice over. As a final stage, we ran a focus group test in order to analyze if the video was done well, and as a result – it was. The client accepted the project and launched it on various media platforms.


As a result of our tight collaboration, we launched a fully commercial 30-second film that afterwards was aired on TV and served to be a company representation online. The viewer-friendly concept caused pleasant feedbacks from the audience and the incorporated 3D animation was of a significant value for the video as it nicely depicted the main product features and the way of how to use it.


- Preparing the concept and storyboard with the client

- Picking up the actor

- Arranging the environment and lightning

- Commercial Filming

- Composing the 3D animation along with the 3D tracking

- Focus group analysis

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