For Agora, which is the biggest Polish media corporation, we did two projects covering a newspaper The product itself was two 3D cartoon animation videos: one - with an aim of raising people’s awareness of the newspaper being available not only on paper but on various digital devices, like laptops and phones; the other – on raising their attention to a TV program inserted brochure.


A product of Agora, the biggest Polish media corporation, Gazeta Wyborcza is one of the most prominent Polish daily newspapers. Originated in 1989, it covers the gamut of political, international and general news from a liberal perspective.

Target Group

- newspaper fans

- people not aware of a possibility to read the newspaper online

- people who don’t pay much attention to the brochure


The challenge of the first video was to educate the society in the way of showing them that the originally printed all-liked newspaper is easily available online now. The second – to somehow, in a short and interactive way, draw people’s attention to an inserted brochure.

The perfect resolution was creating two 3-D animation videos that would be loved by any target group oriented on.


As the client had come up to us with an already elaborated marketing plan and a clear need for promoting an online subscription service and the newspaper insert, our main task was just only to create videos that its target audience would genuinely like.

After summing up all the major points and messages the ads had to convey, we created 3D animation cartoon-like videos; first would display various ways of viewing the regular newspaper online and the second – the attractiveness of a TV program brochure.

As the ads had to be displayed on various massive media, a focus group test conducted afterwards helped us to identify the trends in target audience behavior patterns, to get their reaction and emotions and also to test the marketing strategy. As the videos were implemented as only a teaser ad, the test proved the target persona’s buyer patterns, the eagerness and ability to go online and to find out more about the subscription; as well as the preference to have a TV program in order to watch TV more effectively.


Having the first animation displayed on TV, internet and billboards drastically enhanced the awareness of people, increasing the online website and app users, raising up the number of subscribers and hence the number of sales as well.

The second animation resulted in attracting people to Agora’s actions on TV, hence getting more views and promoting the newspaper at the time.


- 3D animation

- Animations of the characters and surroundings

- Sound and voice-over

- Focus group test and data analysis

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