For Archdesk, which is an all-in-one cloud-based management software for companies within the construction industry, we created a 2D explanatory animation, that would basically provide construction clients a clear understanding of what it is and the needs it satisfies.


Archdesk™ ERP and Archdesk™ ERP Enterprise is a modern cloud-based management software for various industries such as Manufacturing, Service and Construction. Archdesk offers hundreds of features that are easily accessible and extremely flexible to suit any size business, streamlining all the business operations starting with an office, ending in the field or a manufacturing plant.

Target Group

- companies operating in manufacturing, service and construction industries


The main challenge for us and the company was to shortly and easily explain what is the product itself, what needs does it satisfy and what basic features does in contain.


Having a couple-minute 2D explanatory animation turned out to be a perfect solution for people that would need an easy overlook on what they can expect from the product.

After the video, running a focus group happened to be a very useful decision. The whole test pointed out some major aspects that we still have to work on as the target audience didn’t clearly understand the product and wasn’t way too convinced about buying it.

Thereafter, we got back to the video and improved it in the way it became clear to the audience what they will receive while using it. That all had a great impact on the future sales process.


As a result of placing the video on the main page, there was a drastic increase in leads generated. In was thank to the fact that now people had an easier way to get to know about the project and getting engaged. Conversion process of sales also appeared to be better and faster as people started asking less basic questions and became more decisive.


- 2D video animation explainer

- Voice-over and sound

- Focus group test

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