For Biz Bank we made a 3D commercial animation that would represent the bank and promote its last-released attractive offers. As this is a tongue-in-cheek film, putting the crow and showing what would have happed if it sang brings a good juxtaposition of if the bank used the crow in its services. At the end, the text stating that there are no major fees for conducting a business bank account at Biz Bank, kind of brings up a comparison that there are no “crows” in its service.


Biz Bank used to be a bank for small and medium-size entrepreneurs. Later it and SMART Bank, that was aimed towards mobile solutions, merged into a Nest Bank.

Target Group

- small and medium-size entrepreneurs that yet don’t have a business bank account or want to switch from their own one


Creating a pleasant animation that would inform clients on the main benefits of the new bank offers. Hence, promoting the bank and increasing the number of newly opened bank accounts.


Creating a short 3D video tongue-in-cheek animation that would compare a crow, metaphorically perceived by people as a bad sign, to the new bank offer showing that everything is clear and there is no any “crow” in it. The following challenge after coming up with such a concept was to make sure that the video conveys its real message and brings the clear juxtaposition of the crow and the bank.

In order to see if people would understand the main message and there would be no misconceptions over the bank on the emotional level, we consolidated a focus group test out of 12 persons. The test and its empirical data analysis helped us to outline further moments to be improved and redone to thus, successfully be delivered to the mass public.


As a result of our close cooperation, the video has proved to bring bigger brand awareness and a certain raise in the newly opened bank accounts. The audience liked the idea of a crow introduced and hence, better recalled the brand and its commercial.


- 3D animation

- Animation of a character

- Voicing

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