Benefits of video marketing for cryptocurrency exchange

Video marketing importance

Video marketing is considered one of the most important marketing strategies, which can be used to advertise your products or services. The main idea of video marketing is that the videos you create is a story of your product and that leads to raise awareness and boost your sales.

 A research by Animoto in 2015 revealed the power of a video: the customers who view the promotional video are 2 times more likely to buy than the non-viewers.

People say that an image is worth a hundred words. Can you imagine the importance of a video?  90% of shoppers declare that the video of a product helped them in the decision-making process of buying (source: Hubspot).

What are cryptocurrencies?

For most people, the concepts like cryptocurrency are difficult to understand.  Nothing but a video can be the best solution to explain this concept and make it popular. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which uses a decentralized cash system (with no main server) and has a high cryptography. The accounts and transactions in the system and thus secure.  The best rated digital currency is bitcoin but altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies like: SmartCash, Ethereum, and Litecoin) are created every day.  This market is constantly growing.

Cryptocurrencies creation

The creation of virtual money seems to have a big impact on different industries and crypto startups are developing daily. However, most of them fail in the way of success. The two main strategies before launching a new currency are Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and whitepapers. An ICO campaign is used by startups in order to raise funds for the bankers to invest in the new currency. Usually this process of searching for investors is not regulated by any authority, like Security Exchange Commission, and funds may be lost because of the fraudulent initiatives.

Due to these actions, potential users are suspicious and sometimes hard to convince to invest, a video marketing which explains the safety and transparency of the process can be one of the solutions. The aspects that lead to the success of the funding campaign for the currency are:

  • Having precise goals
  • Create a strong team with qualified people
  • Using the appropriate social marketing channels
  • Handling regulatory issues.

Second option, the whitepapers. It is a pivot part of the ICOs and it represents the commercial, technical and financial aspects of the project. It is also an indicator of the viability of the new investment. A detailed document, like a whitepaper, with all the aspects of the new cryptocurrency can give confidence. Thereby, investors can be easily convinced.

Video marketing and cryptocurrency startups

Launching a startup is always risky. Nevertheless, a very good marketing campaign makes the difference. We will cover some accurate ideas on how the video marketing is a beneficial technique for cryptocurrency exchange.  95% of people prefer watching the video of a product than to read its description. The best way of finding investors is to create a video and to build a media campaign about the brand. Most users are video learners and the purpose of your video can be an educational one. You can actually teach them how cryptocurrencies work and how different apps and programs can be used to exchange money.

Before you start your campaign


The video designed for the marketing campaign should have an entertaining format. Thereby, it can be easily uploaded on major platforms. The first step before scripting the video is knowing the best way to share it. Lately, the engagement on different platforms changed and the desktop platform was replaced by mobile devices. Different apps and programs are largely promoted. Besides, explaining how the decentralized system is working is essential. Moreover, in the video, the designers could explain other benefits such as safety and privacy of the transaction.

Google is the leader in promoting different brands online and YouTube takes the second place. However, the idea that marketers should remember is that the strategy should adapt to each platform’s audience. For example, on Facebook, promotional videos will appear without sound. Thus, thinking about brevity and captions is essential.


A good storyteller is entertaining and hooks the attention of the audience right away. Experts are recommending videos that are short and straight to the point. Such content is excellent to engage your audience. A high-quality video will increase the brand awareness, for it to be visible and to improve its rankings on the Internet.

People are suspicious when it comes to investing money and use a new money system. The main idea of a marketing strategy is to educate and convince new users to be part of this market.  If the video is made in a friendly and accessible way, the possibility of convincing the general public is higher. The difficult decentralized system can be easily explained using animations and voice-overs.


Video marketing is one of the best ways in promoting different products and services. Designing a video advertisement for cryptocurrency is the ideal strategy to convince more users to join the network and bankers to invest. The majority of people is confused about large numbers of charts and statistics. Simple videos with common language can provide them with new perspectives.

Author: Larisa Spataru

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