How to build trust with video marketing

Nowadays authenticity is a key to make consistent bonds. Your potential clients desire to know the brand, it’s values and philosophy. That’s why creating genuine content will boost your statistics and finally purchases. How to achieve it in the most efficient way? You can introduce trust-oriented video marketing to your general marketing strategy.

From this article you will get to know:

  • Interesting facts and some real numbers
  • Why you should focus on making long-lasting bonds with your clients
  • How to exchange your marketing strategy for a more remarkable one
  • Types of video supporting trust

Trust is a key to your success

Take care of your brand–customer relationship as you take care of any other. If you don’t build the credibility, you won’t have any regular customers. Also with every mistake you make lose some of your credibility. Building this trust is like a constant piece of work you need to attend daily. On those foundations, you will be ready to grow your business.

Focus on the importance of customers loyalty

You create brand loyalty mostly by showing that you really care about the clients. You know their needs, worries and preferences. The product that you provide is the best that you can give them. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

Let’s take some social media example into consideration. There are more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook. Quite a lot. So the excellent customer service is not enough to be visible and appreciated. Authenticity is still the best incentive.

If you want to make your brand image more trustworthy, you have to show who you are. Being passionate or having a strong authority will open doors to achieve it.

Show them who you and your brand are

Once you have the story, you can focus on creating valuable content. First, think about the way that you want your audience to see you. Maybe you need to be a pro with great authority in your field. Or you prefer to be more like an innovative freak with a sense of humour. You can also present your company as a family business and emphasize the relations and the history.

It will let you define your strategy and create a consistent brand image. Now your every step you take will be a part of this strategy. Once you determine those things you can move to next stages.

Why video marketing is what you need

More about video marketing itself you can read in our previous article about a role of videos in content marketing strategy. Introducing video content make your statistics shoot up for sure! Certainly, the video is the future. According to Cisco, by 2021 video content will cover 82% of total internet traffic. That is why you have to implement it to your marketing strategy to stay up-to-date. But how exactly build trust with video? There are several ways to support your brand loyalty. The main point is that video is a perfect way to show yourself, your brand, the values, philosophy, just everything! It could be much more interesting, more than a text, photos or something else.

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Types of videos supporting trust


Nothing is more compelling than authentic enthusiastic reviews from the users. Let’s call it social proof and it is the best way to gain new ones. But this kind of endorsement can be hard to receive unless our product or service is truly amazing.

You can just present the product on your own, narrate the selling points, and simply tell why it’s worth buying. We’ve all done this. Researching the product before buying one. You have to think in the way your potential customer would, what information does he need. But remember our first rule – be authentic!

Behind the scenes

This kind of videos let your customers know your company from the perspective they have never experienced before. You can decide which kind of activity you want to present. It can be for example a launch of new product, some actual works, photoshoot, some preparation. There is a vast variety of content you can choose from. Just be creative and think about what will be most attractive to your audience.

Let them see your brand and workflow, what could be more authentic?

Product/services demos

There is a bunch of statistics proving, that video sells more than even the best copy, photo or Facebook post. It is simply more effective . Using your products’ assets and pinpointing them may convince a doubtful customer to make a purchase. If there is a history behind your product or service, why not to present it to the wide public?

People are more likely to invest money in something that is not a pig in a poke.

Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short and concise form of presenting everything you would like your potential customers to remember. Stay focus on the topic and provide relevant information for your audience. No one has time (and more often willingness) to listen to the empty words about your company and product. Provide something unique and appealing instead.

There is also a lot of types to choose from, just decide which one will suit you most. There you can read why high quality explainers are great marketing tools for business. – 2D animation explainer for a pension fund and insurance provider

Final thoughts

As you can see, there is more than a lot of possibilities to make your brand more accessible. You can also create a real and trustworthy relationship with your clients with a help of video marketing. Just remember our rule number 1 – authenticity! Your brand communication must be well thought-out. If something goes wrong, there is no way back. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so better try to create some ideas just now.

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