Craftoon Gets a Perfect Score – Clutch reviews

Here at Craftoon, we are excited to announce our perfect 5-star rating on Clutch’s site! Clutch is a Washington, D.C. based ratings and reviews website. Clutch contacts our past clients to obtain an accurate review of our services. They primarily obtain these reviews through the medium of interview style phone calls. We are very excited to have received such a high rating from our clients on our performance!

We have also been identified as an industry leader for all video production companies! Industry leaders are collected by Clutch by compiling client reviews and their own rating system. We are very excited to have been highlighted as a top 10 video production company! This is due to our clients’ positive reviews. We believe that our clients can describe the level of quality that we provide far better than we could. Here are some of our favorite reviews from Clutch’s site detailing our work are below!

  • “They were very flexible in terms of communication. We had an abstract idea for a video, but they gave us the opportunity to discuss it and transformed it into something impressive. They had technical knowledge on video production and maintained a modern, agile collaboration approach that helped us visualize our ideas.”
  • “Before, only 15% of people responded positively to our outreach, but, now, 50% of the people who see our offers contact us. We currently use Craftoon’s 3D animations in our presentations and product briefs. Prospective clients can now watch our video and understand how our products work, which has been immensely helpful.”
  • “The videos themselves were quite amazing. I can’t provide a total view count, but we were happy with the service provided by them. Not only did they produce the material, but also took care of the marketing side, allowing us to outsource all these tasks to one provider.”
  • “The results have been phenomenal. We’ve used the videos in our offers, presentations, e-mail campaigns, and ads. Our apartment sales have increased by 15% and we’ve started getting invites to speak at conferences. They made us look like experts and now many companies are asking us who produced these videos.”

We are very happy to have been identified as an industry leader by Clutch! If you’re now ready to start your next project with us, be sure to contact us here! Check out our full reviews on Clutch’s site here, too!

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