Emotions in video marketing Your customers want to feel emotions

Why videos inside your marketing campaign will be more successful than still images

In the digital era, social media are shopping windows. Companies have to carefully select the products they want to expose and how they want to do it.

Social media allow marketers to directly reach their audience. They allow direct communication through targeted content. The right message at the right time and place.

Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram play a crucial role in any company’s visual marketing campaign. They are, in fact, developed to inform, seduce and persuade their audience.

Visual content is a determinant of a marketing strategy. Indeed, content marketing is immediate, easy to understand and much more attractive. Human beings are naturally attracted to visual content. They are elaborated by our brain 60,000 times faster than any other type of stimulus (including textual ones).

Emotions for video marketing

What kind of visual elements are more effective to draw your audience attention and to increase your brand awareness?

You would probably have noticed how, on Instagram, Stories have replaced usual posts. Both for information and promotion. It seems, indeed, that they can reach a higher number of views and products are more easily sold thanks to the ”swipe up” feature.

People want stories to be told

Thanks to a marketing video, a company can tell its story and talk about its services or products according to its audience. Trying to arouse emotions and to create a relationship of trust with its potential customers.

Creating a video that tells a story is the best way to raise interest in people and create an emotional bond with the audience.

Shareable content

Emotions inside social media are worth sharing. And sharing means gaining visibility. People have the need to feel emotions, even when in front of a screen. Thanks to social media, they are able to share them with others. In this way, any video that can be shared can potentially become viral.

In addition, when your customers will remember your videos they will also remember your brand. This means an increase in brand awareness.

In order to show people that a certain product or service could be useful in their daily life, video content is able to do many things. Leverage the emotional toll, raise curiosity and desire in combining images, music and most of all, a story.

In practice

Let’s say, for example, that a company is selling a product X. A potential customer will be much more tempted to buy it after having seen a video which explains how it works, its features or its story. At least, much more than with a simple image of that same product.

The emotional factor can be used for every type of product or service. Videos play more on feelings than simple texts or images. However, it is not the only benefit of integrating video marketing into your marketing plan.

Benefits of video marketing for emotions

Other benefits of video marketing

  • A video has 70 times more chances to be on top results of search engines, especially with Google. This will improve your company’s SEO and increase the number of persons who will click on your links.
  • Dwell time on websites which contain video contents is significantly higher than on those without.
  • Videos require a lower cognitive effort than other forms of communication. They can be used to convey difficult concepts and better explain the services and products you offer.

Certainly, to earn all these benefits, video content must be professional. It should contain well-told stories. And, also, be made according to specific guidelines with the help of specialized agencies.

To conclude, there is no reason why not to integrate video content into your marketing campaign and make it successful.

The key?

Focus on making your customers feel emotions that are worth sharing with others.

Author: Chiara Romano
Graphics: Alba Fernàndez Gonzàlez

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