The importance of video marketing for your business Why videos in particular?

Video marketing can be seen as an accessory you can add to a company’s marketing toolbox. Yet it is an essential matter in a marketing strategy.

Through its strength and its impact, it promotes online shopping and awareness. Video marketing strengthens your brand image. It creates a closer link with your customers or makes you stand out from your competitors.

It is therefore essential to understand the importance of video marketing for your business to use that content form wisely.

According to ReelSEO, 70% of Internet users think that an advertisement video has an influence on their purchase decision.

Why videos in particular?

All means are good to increase sales or visibility through different channels. The list of communication channels to make your activity or company popular is quite diverse. However, video content marketing is the most used one by experts in the digital marketing industry.

The champion of digital communication in 2018 will be the video. Indeed, video marketing allows you to captivate and stimulate strong emotions in the viewer. It is seen as a powerful tool and it’s easy to adapt it into any message you want to share.

Video marketing, the priority of your strategy

As mentioned above, the digital marketing trend to follow in 2018 is the video, without a doubt. In fact, more than 80% of the web traffic is generated via this form of content. These advertising videos are a real source of profit in the hands of companies, as long as they know how to handle them. What are the benefits of video marketing?

  • Improve SEO: as a website owner, your goal is to increase traffic towards it. Cisco estimates that video accounts for over 80% of global internet traffic. In addition, 50% of professionals say that corporate movies are the marketing content with the best return on investment. The video is an effective way to boost clicks to your website which tends to improve your SEO. Thus, it can get your company to the top of the search results.
  • Smart communication: if your video is attractive and impactful, the customer will get a better idea of ​​your business or your product. This format gives you the opportunity to express your creativity.
  • Confidence and transparency: showing yourself makes the viewers confident towards your brand. Establishing a relationship of trust is one of the key points to reassure your prospects and turn them into loyal customers.
  • Reinforce your image: a video is a powerful way to tell a story. Provided you have relevant content and a strong identity.
  • Social media enabled: it is needless to say that you must be present on social networks. But it is important to choose your strategy and especially the content to provide to your customers. The video is regarded as the most shared format on social media and it’s no coincidence. Video content is appreciated because it includes image, sound, and text in a single format. And if it’s short, effective and creative, it will be shared on a large scale, which will give you optimal visibility.

Other video marketing techniques

  • Native videos: all digital marketing professionals agree that native video advertising is growing on the Internet. It’s the preferred format because it is more engaging than a traditional intrusive video. Native videos are best if originally integrated into your communication media.
  • Mini videos: we do not always have time to watch long videos. Videos that last about 20 seconds are shared much more often than those that are 30 seconds to 1 minute, if not longer.
  • Live videos: users spend more and more time watching live videos. Nearly two billion people have watched Facebook Live broadcasts as of 2017 (source: Facebook). Brands should follow this trend to stay visible and interact intelligently with their community.

Solving marketing issues with video marketing

Video content has the ability to easily become viral, around a product, a service or an event. Adults aged from 25 to 50 spend almost 80% of their time watching videos related to services or products. Video marketing is your best asset to get qualified prospects.

Video marketing can achieve satisfactory results at a lower cost. By using social networks like Facebook and its billions of users. But also, YouTube (both a social network and a search engine), with more than 1 million videos viewed per month. This type of websites represents the best communication supports for all brands.

Video marketing: a winner’s choice

As you can see, video advertising must be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It becomes the standard of Internet users in their purchasing decision. Videos are especially great to inform about the product, evaluate it and appreciate it at its fair value. Video marketing is part of an inbound marketing strategy. It must take into account the evolution of users’ consumption habits.

Author: William Mallet
Graphics: Zhanar Zhengisbay

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