Why do you need videos in your content marketing strategy

Read any article about the latest trends in online marketing and you’ll see that video is on the top of the most commonly used and effective tool. The marketing industry is very changeable and it’s difficult to predict what will be popular next year. One thing is for sure, producing quality content should be the main goal in your marketing strategy.

What is content marketing?

We are sure that you have heard the words ‘content marketing’ so much time but maybe still don’t fully understand what it means.

According to Joe Pulizzi, founder and one of the leaders behind the content marketing movement:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In other words, it’s about all actions that drive customer engagement. Why does it work? Content marketing works the most effectively when it comes to people that feel overwhelmed bythousands of ads and brand exposures which directly aim at making people buy.

Content marketing is totally different from standard forms of advertising. It’s not only products promotion or coveying useless messages that will be forgotten after a few days or even a few minutes. By creating high-quality content that provides a particular value to the users, you have a perfect chance to engage audience in your business activity. People will visit your website, read articles on the blog and share post on social media and they won’t consider it as a sales pitch. And it’s all thanks to your content.

Besides the growth of your business, the main goal of content marketing is to build high-trust customer relationships. People need useful information. If you are considered as an expert with the wide knowledge, they may feel more comfortable with choosing your products.

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Advantages of using videos in marketing strategy

A good-quality video is like a professional salesperson, who works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days of a year. And you just get a profit. Videos can be used for any kind of business. If you have a clothes shop or a beauty studio, show people the latest trends in your industry or an interior appearance. It is much more convincing to look at the enthusiastic team member that is telling about his work in a passionate way revealing some unexpected funny details than to read simple and predictable brand’s biography on the website.

Here are the reasons why you should use videos in your marketing strategy.

Videos are more clickable and shareable

Obviously, people prefer watching videos to reading long articles on blogs. That fact encourages more and more companies to incorporate that kind of content into their marketing strategy. Video let you include everything you want to share. It’s short, informative and quick.

>Pay attention to the headline. Well-prepared introductory sentence will grab people’s attention and make them click.

Improve your SEO

It’s not a surprise that video provides to the best search engine results. The better your SEO is, the higher your website will be in the search rankings. Finally, your website with video will be clicked more often by Internet users. Remember that the content must be visible and easy to find. If anybody can see it, it won’t be effective for sure.

Attract customer’s attention

Using video in your content marketing strategy is a great way to stand out from the crowd and capture website visitor’s attention. Today companies have less and less time to interest the audience.

For example, we tend to skip the video ads on YouTube that appear before or during watching after 5 seconds. Try to put yourself in your customer’s place and think about what you will pay attention to.

Impact on conversion

One of the most important reasons to use video is increasing the conversion. According to statistics, 70% of marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content. It encourages watchers to take specific actions like a membership registration, newsletter subscription etc. Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

It’s just cool and interesting

Be honest. If you have two options to read an article or watch a video, which one will you choose? The answer is obvious. Video is the best way to express yourself and share emotions. It’s a kind of entertainment. While watching your video people not only learn something new but also have fun.

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5 types of video you can use to improve your marketing strategy


That type of video is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how something is made or how it works. Explainers are a good source of knowledge that can be easily applied in practice. Instead of writing long instructions make a short creative video. It’ll be much more helpful for people to understand what your products are used for. The optimal length is 2-5 minutes.

Introductory videos

The purpose of many videos is to introduce the company and the team to the viewers. Tell people, in a nutshell, what are you doing, why you have decided to start your business and which benefits they can have buying your products or services. It’s a great way to build the best relationships with your audience.

FAQ videos

One of the most interesting types of video for the customers is a short video with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can be easily distributed on social media channels. Great possibility to satisfy the people curiosity and give them particular educational value. It’s also a good way to engage the audience and show that you’re not indifferent to client’s issues.


People get influenced by the others. That’s why testimonial video is effective. Generally, when we want to make a purchase the first thing we will probably do is to read reviews about the product on the Internet. Positive reviews make people trust more. Hearing a postive opinion from real people that they are content with the products is more persuasive than reading a paragraph.

Video for webinars

You can use video in your webinars to educate people. If you provide valuable and free information for the users, they will be more interested in products that your company offers in the future. Usually companies use webinars in their marketing to answer the popular questions and explain matters related to the brand’s products. Most of the webinars last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Basic tips

Every day people struggle with the overload of information available on the Internet. Writing an interesting post on the blog is no longer enough to catch the attention. Consumers have transformed into very demanding audience with more sophisticated needs and preferences. That’s why companies started to compete for their audience’s interest in the extraordinary ways.

If you use video in your marketing strategy try to be regular. You can create a series of videos and add them for example once a week. In that case you will keep your customers waiting for your next video.

Check some simple tips to improve the quality if your content!

  • Add value to your video
  • Don’t be boring
  • Tell customer a story
  • Create an eye-catching headlines
  • Engage your audience
  • Explain the concept and show the products features
  • Don’t forget to say thank you


Video is the future of content marketing. There is no doubt about it. It is starting to replace the written forms and people are more likely to choose video. The importance of using this medium in digital marketing landscape is so important. Marketers should create useful and interesting content if they want to broaden their reach.

It’s really worth to consider using video in your marketing strategy. Don’t you think so?

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