Top 7 video marketing trends that you need to follow in 2018

Look back and think about a few past years. It’s such a fruitful period with a small revolution in the attitude to the digital marketing when content became king. Grabbing the attention of the audience is getting much harder, but there are more than a lot of ways of doing it. A video is the most effective way of distributing content. It appears almost everywhere. It has started spreading across all the social media channels. Besides the dedicated services such as Youtube or Vimeo. And the rapid video marketing development isn’t likely going to slow down.

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Check the article for the best 8 video marketing trends in 2018 that you need to know!

1. Live streaming

Live streaming is about simultaneous recording and sharing video content among the Internet users in the real time. Media influencers and companies often uses this powerful tool. It’s much needed to boost their marketing and communication strategy. It is a pretty good way of building the brand’s identity in the consumers’ minds. Also introducing your team as the great experts with the authentic human face. Broadcasting your present activity is great way to keep your viewers updated daily. It also invites them to meet you more often than your standard upload rate. The popularity of live streams on Instagram and Facebook is still increasing. There is no wonder why people love it.
What can you stream? Almost everything. Events that you are taking part right now. Product tests, production process that you’re working on. Unboxing, interviews, sharing important news and behind the scenes materials. They’re all very approved by the public. Quote and answer session is an excellent case of interaction between the brand and potential customers. It’s a perfect way to meet their needs. Webinars with specialists bring very satisfying results as for brand and participants. They’re very useful considering educational purposes.

2. Square shaped videos

Don’t ignore the potential that lays in mobile content consumption. There is a significant growth in smartphone users online activity. Especially when it comes to social media channels. That’s the good news but also a big challenge. Some particular optimization processes are necessary then. Adequate content should be presented in a mobile friendly-way. It helps gaining the possible profits. Those can be the bigger number of views or extending the time people spend watching the video. You can rely on many ways of optimizing the content – QR codes, using geolocation or modifying its format. Almost 80% of the personal Facebook news feed is dominated by the square-shaped (1:1) videos. They are more likely to boost the engagement than the traditional landscape ones.
It has become a new standard for social media that you should follow to stay up-to-date.
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3. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is a technique that combines the real world elements with the computer generated ones. Generally, it used the real existing environmental background with the digital modeled objects. The giants such as Apple and Google seem to be very enthusiastic about implementing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) with stronger emphasis on the second term.
If you cannot get a point why AR is playing such a big role in video marketing, keep reading. Think about a human memory functioning while the learning process. The use of different incentives to stimulate the brain gives the best results in remembering the facts. We learn more from the activities that we do than those we see. From the business perspective, it means that giving people the unusual customer experience will help the company. It increases the chance of being noticed and well remembered. It’ll also bring the positive connotations. That impression caused by the high level of interaction is worth sharing with others.
Let’s talk about the exact examples. IKEA Place app for the iOS system. It’s an application based on Augmented Reality. It lets you see how the IKEA furniture fits your home interior. Pretty practical, creative and kind of fun, isn’t it?

4. 360 degree video

It is another imposing way of providing unique visual experiences. It creates an immense impression on the watchers bored with overload standard video productions. The spherical video gives you a comprehensive look at the scenery. An option to change the viewing direction is also included. It creates an illusion of monitoring surroundings straight from the director’s chair.
Good option for travel destinations or events promotion, virtual tours, showcasing products or presenting the authentic adventures. Take a glance at Magnifyre 360 Video Case Study for some real numbers. 360-degree technique creates high expectations for the near future, comparing it to the flat frame videos. Take into consideration the 3,95% difference in the Click Through Rate (CTR). Even an average percentage of video views was 28% higher than the flat frame metrics.

5. Video content transcription

Do you know that about 85% of video content is watched with the sound off? It is quite understandable when we identify the permanent and temporary viewers needs. There’re people who suffer from hearing difficulties and transcription answers their needs. Sometimes situations in the workplace, home or public places that turning the volume up is not welcome are also needs to be answered. Another, most obvious will be multitasking. Some people take a look at the video while doing the other activities. Are you already convinced to provide transcription?

If that explanation is not enough for you, think about more measurable benefits. Providing well-prepared transcription has a positive impact on SEO. It’s because the way of indexing content by the text appeared in the transcript. It will help the Internet users to find your video by searching for particular phrases. The right keywords are vital for gaining the profits.

To sum up, including transcription in your video marketing strategy is a great chance to reach more people.

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6. Personalization

People do appreciate personalized message much more than the universal content. It reduces the distance between the brand and the customer and helps gather engaged and loyal audience. That is why indicators such as customer retention level as well as conversion rate go higher. A win-win situation. Likewise, the success of video marketing also isn’t breaking news for you as long as you read this article.
Often, both video and personalization are expected to drive sales and boost the engagement. What about putting this two tendency together and getting a great combo that brings the unexpected results? Worth trying, for sure.

7. Video mapping

Video mapping is a technique of projecting two or three-dimensional objects on many surfaces such as buildings. It gives opportunity to get the outstanding video projection on a part of the environment. That form of visual art is absolutely impressive. At the beginning, people admired projections on the flat walls, but that time passed for good. Now the creators’ imaginativeness seems to be limitless. This technique gets much easier to implement for a widespread use than it was. All because of the fast technological progress.
It is a true breakthrough in advertising. That kind of art can be
successfully used for a business purpose. Not only for product launch. It’s useful for providing some spectacular visual attractions during the events.
Internet users have become very demanding audience. They have much more refined preferences than in the past years. High quality, entertainment or informational value are no longer enough to attract the attention. Giving an amazing customers experience adjusted to any device or situation seems to be a must.
Think about incorporating some of these to master your video content marketing strategy.

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