Trends in video marketing for 2019 How the future is going to be?

How the future is going to be?

Trends in video marketing for 2019

Is not a secret anymore that video content is one of the most important strategic tools for a brand in order to raise the number of clients, the level of awareness or even the sales. In order to sustain this statement regarding the importance of video marketing, we will going to share some information about some studies made this year.

One of the main insights that will probably make a company or brand to think seriously about developing a video marketing strategy is the big influence that a video might have on online marketing purchase decision (72% of the companies improved their conversion rate).

Another aspect that can count in developing a video marketing strategy is represented by the highest level of sharing a brand’s video: mare then a half of the respondents answered that they use to share brand’s video from a social media account.

Video marketing specialist had noticed that integrating videos in the landing page content it might raise the conversion rate with 80%. That is a very important clue for a company who wants to create or make some changes on a website design and content.

And last but not least information is about the how video marketing can improve the trust of online acquisition for a product or service (52% of customers say that watching product videos makes them to wish more to buy the product or the service).

Coming back to our topic about the video marketing trends in 2019 we have got some useful information for those who want to invest in online advertising next year.

  1. Live streaming

This fact shows us how important is as a brand to be present on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. Marketing specialist’s predictions reveals that using live streaming services it can improve the engagement level and will retain viewers longer than a recorded video.

  1. Videos will influence the purchase behavior

More than in 2018, videos will have a major impact on switching the status of a person from a potential client to a real one. “Shoppable” video content is one of the tools that brands will use more and more to give users the ability to swipe –to-buy after viewing an vide ad on Instagram or Snapchat.

  1. Videos in a square format

Seems like the future “will become square”! The highest usage level of mobile phones in the last few years has changed the way of how images are disposed from horizontal to vertical. So, if you want to create a video in the future you have to keep in mind that square format is mandatory.

  1. Videos are truing in 360-degree

Especially if we are speaking about video content for travel and truism industry 360-degree videos might be an important tool to engage customers by offering them an interactive and more immersive experience.

  1. Blog are dead. Long live the vlog!

Even if it seems to be a work made from fun, vlogging or video blogging, it already become a major mean used to create video content. The main importance of using video blogs for a brand is represented by the opportunity to connect with viewers more easy because of the original topic and another aspect is the possibility to create a community who’s loyal to some common ideas and beliefs.

  1. Learning using videos

One of the main advantages of video marketing which is growing faster day by day is the possibility of having video trainings. Companies from all over the word are using video e-learning platforms to improve employees skills and level of theoretical and practical knowledge.

  1. Videos will be about 1 to 1 communication

Now days the classical communication paradigm is not working any more: customers are waiting for unique and the most important thing personalized content. That means that every company should adapt the communication strategy by sending personalized video messages instead of mails.


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