Video marketing to build trust How to make your customers trust your company

What’s video marketing role in building trust?

Video marketing is very important to build confidence with customers. Trust bond is important because you maintain relationships with your customers through it. You can stabilize your economic development and gain new customers through this trust bond. Your ability to sell and answer customers’ needs will make the purchase decision in your favor. People only shop from the brands, institutions, and stores they trust. When you gain the trust of customers, you will not only gain sales, but you will also be the number one brand for them.

How to build trust?

  • Being cordial
  • Professional
  • Professional shared knowledge
  • Ability to solve customers’ problems
  • Clear product information, numbers, visual evidence, experiences…
  • Giving guarantees about your business
  • Creating user manuals, giving product training

Thinking for customers. Putting them in the center of every communication. Thinking about their happiness and satisfaction. These points are what you must focus on.

Why is customer loyalty important?

Building a trust bond with customers and maintaining it is crucial to guarantee your customers’ loyalty. Customer loyalty is the tendency, desire, and choice of a customer to feel loyal to a particular business, brand, and offer.

Customer loyalty has become an important and vital concept for businesses nowadays. The reason for that is not because loyalty is seen as a new concept, but because today’s customers can be very easily lost. Therefore, efforts must be made to maintain the interest of customers in the business or the offer. Besides, the markets are extremely competitive, making loyalty fundamental.

The benefits of loyalty

Today, customer satisfaction and perception are the most important indicators that companies follow. Loyal customers are both cost-effective and easier to deal with. The cost of finding new customers is quite high. Therefore, no company that is constantly trying to find new customers can be very profitable. Loyal customers are the main source of profit and reference. When customers buy from you again and again, they are likely to tell others why they should buy from you too.

In an environment where competition and other challenging factors are experienced intensively, the fact that a company has loyal customers is a very important factor in terms of continuity for the company.

4 types of video to help you build trust

A great part of building trust is to really know your customers and their needs. For this reason, it is important to show them that you are aware of their problems and that your brand is determined to solve them. The best way to do this is video content because videos are the most powerful online content type.

Explainer videos

An explainer video is typically a short video that takes less than two minutes to explain your brand or product in an interesting and simple way. Customers are targeted to know exactly what your brand or product is doing. More specifically, to know what they are providing them, how you can help them solve their problems.

How a brand understands customers ‘ problems and helps them increases brand awareness and conversion rates. Descriptive videos are interesting and versatile. There are many types of animation: cartoon, whiteboard, animated graphics, or live action. Each of these types of videos works best for different purposes.

Company story videos

Telling the story of your brand helps you create a strong connection with your viewers. Your customers will want to know and understand your values as a company. Showing them videos is the best way to do that. Share the unique, inspiring story of your brand and show your potential customers that you and your team share their values.

Product videos

Customers want to try products before they buy them. Product videos are very important for customers to see how the product works. Real people who use your product can be a live action video that can show their features and how it works. Product videos make viewers trust not only your brand but your products themselves.

Test videos

When you really want to create brand awareness, the type of video that will help you the most is the reference video. Test videos can prove the value of the product by sharing their success stories. This is a hundred times more reliable than your brand just doing self-promotion. Therefore, you will encourage potential customers to take action.

To sum up

If you want to build trust for your brand, you need to know what your targets want. If you show that you care about your problems and are committed to solving them, you are on the right track. To achieve this, you must have the right video type. Using an explainer video will help, for example, show you exactly how to fix your brand and products. Another great way to build trust is to use company story videos. This will create a link between your brand and your potential customers because you will show your company’s faces and values. With product videos, potential customers will know exactly how your product or service work. Finally, by sharing past customers ‘ success stories of test videos, you can prove the value of your products and gained confidence in this way.

Author: Hazal Guclu
Graphics: Andrea Fabiana Catania

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