How video marketing takes eSports to the next level

Dota 2’s The International, League of Legends’ Worlds, Faker. If these names don’t ring a bell as an eSports professional, it’s time to get up-to-speed. eSports are nowadays global. Thousands of fans gather in huge stadiums to see young video game players sweat (virtual) blood and tears on their favorite competitive games. Millions of them just watch the competitions from their mobiles, desktops or even on TV in some countries.
For at least two decades now, eSports are steadily growing in popularity. From a couple of nerds watching a Street Fighter game to 92 million of total views for the The International 2017. There are even talks among officials to decide on whether or not eSports should make a first appearance into the 2024 Beijing Olympic Games.

Why eSport needs more videos

To succeed in this fresh and lively sector, you need great ideas, passion, irl (in real life) talent and a decisive marketing strategy. Indeed, eSports happen online and your targets are all netizens. Thus, you need virtual guns (aka digital marketing) to effectively reach them and make it to the top. This type of marketing is a clever combination of several techniques including
  • web advertisement
  • public relations
  • partnerships
  • social media
  • video marketing.
We’ll focus on the last one as videos are the bread and butter of the Internet. Videos are the cornerstone of digital marketing. Users don’t bother reading tutorials or “How to cook the perfect ramen” anymore. They watch them. In the field of electronic sports that fact is truer than ever. Gamers are used to watching videos thanks to games themselves and now extremely popular streaming. Therefore they are especially receptive to such content.

Well thought out online communication

From the teams to their sponsors through tournaments’ organizers, nearly any online or branding company could thrive in the eSports sector. As Internet companies, they mostly rely on great communication and marketing strategies to achieve their goals. eSports take place on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, et cetera. In short: video content is the way to go. An efficient video marketing depends on its the target that it’s aimed at.
eSports are watched by gamers, exclusively. Unlike football, your family won’t join you in front of your monitor to watch a Counter Strike professional match. Thereby, understanding your targets is easy. Convincing them however is hell of a challenge. Internet users are judgmental, perfectionist, attentive. One mistake and you’ll crawl under dislikes. One bad buzz and the game is over. Marketing specialists are here to overcome these difficulties and help you satisfy the toughest customers.

The epic content

An awesome marketing video tells a sensible story, is short and blasting and connects the users between them, as well as with you. For an eSports one, pride is extremely valuable. For long, gamers have been seen as spotty nerdy teens. eSport were not (and are still not) taken seriously. Being a fan of a smooth-faced League of Legends star would seem a lot less credible than being a fan of David Beckham.
Now Los Angeles’ Staples Center gets filled with thousands of spectators. The most famous players earn millions of dollars. Huge companies like Red Bull, Mercedes or YouTube invest a lot in eSports. Gamers no longer need to be ashamed of their devouring passion. This is why giving a community of gamers the ability to feel proud to be part of something is of high importance. Consequently, a great video for eSports needs humor, narration, stars andepicness.
We’ve selected seven videos created by gaming companies, famous brands acting as sponsors in this industry or teams. These videos show a mastery of the domain they are working in and are effective in many ways.

 1. Our Game (League of Legends)

Riot Games created a video that really packs a punch. All above do’sappear there and the video is don’ts free. Past clichés about gaming are mocked. The adroit montage makes gaming detractors look all but plausible. The viewers can feel proud being part of their community and close to pro players.

2. Official Call of Duty Player Profile – NaDeSHoT

Another one that showcases eSports in their game through the presentation of one of their most famous players. Once again, the goal is to bring players, professionals and company altogether for an eagerly awaited event.

3. eSports #itsbetterlive

the ESL (the NBA of eSports) came out with this very short, funny and striking commercial to advertise for an event they organized. Somewhat inspired from traditional sports TV ads, it is funnier and perfectly suited to the audience.

4. We are ready. We are Paris

PSG, the biggest French football club enrolled a brand-new eSport team and henceforth has athletes and fans in both types of sports. This original, swift and greatly designed trailer was a really nice way of introducing their new players.

5. Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017

A famous sponsor of extreme sports is also involved in eSports as this market has a huge number of prospects. This commercial spot has a dynamic, young and rousing vibe from both the music and graphics. As often with Red Bull, this video is lively and although it is not taking any risk, it works exactly as intended.

6. Grow up in eSports w/ Mercedes-Benz

Car manufacturers are rarely seen in eSports events and as sponsors. Mercedes-Benz used a more traditional type of advertisement video that could perform better in outbound than inbound marketing. Yet, bringing luxury cars with gaming was an excellent combination. Especially when the result is as polished.

7. TSM & Gillette

Understanding that a market is evolving is crucial for a brand to survive and develop. Gillette saw a huge potential in the new generation of gamers, that was not existing before, and jumped on the bandwagon. This short spot showcasing a famous professional player in whom many young adults or teens would see themselves was a great idea. A successful daring marketing video.

Final thoughts

You can create videos both for inbound and outbound marketing channels. Nowadays, outbound marketing seems to be out of place and inefficient. Especially for eSports.At Craftoon, our aim is to provide you with astonishing video content like the previous ones, that meet all your needs. We understand your audience as we understand your offer. The eSports market is fresh but tough, with a demanding and unforgiving public. Our team knows what makes a great content and is able to help you reach your marketing goals throughout the whole process, from decision making to publishing.

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