Video marketing for the whole Sales Funnel How Video plays an important role in the Sales Funnel?

Video has been a major part of how we consume content in today’s world. Instagram and Snapchat stories, YouTube and Facebook videos, Instagram TV, et cetera. There are high levels of concentration on these platforms and the number of content producers is ever-growing. How does one stand out and provide real value to its viewers?

Video marketing content is key

The answer to this question is video marketing and incorporating video as an important part of your sales funnel. First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that blog posts and text, in general, have been the major way to communicate for more than a decade. The current trend in content consumption, however, is video and it has been growing further every day. Mostly thanks to better support from our smartphones to consume such content. Nowadays, we have smartphone screens that are even better than some of our traditional devices. Like the television and computers, including laptops. Therefore, the video has been and will always keep playing a major role in the Sales Funnel.

What is the sales funnel?

A Sales Funnel visually represents the entire journey that a customer goes through. It is depicting the sales process from awareness to action. The funnel is basically V-shaped. The higher number of potential customers is at the top and that number keeps decreasing as the funnel proceeds to the bottom. In the end, the much smaller number of people are those that will actually make a purchase. Thereby, the Sales Funnel is all about how those people convert from potential customers to actual customers.

The stages of the funnel


At the top, we have the Attention part where the number of possible customers is at the highest level. They all have found a problem and have begun searching for a possible solution to their problem. The solution here is your brand. The way that you can increase the chances of getting your brand noticed here is via content marketing, mostly. A carefully crafted email marketing campaign, social media marketing or other can also do the trick. Once the potential customers are aware of your brand, then comes the second stage.


The main goal here is to gain their Interest. The possibility of a Sales Conversion increases but at the same time, the number of potential customers decreases. This is usually when a customer will interact with the company/brand and would request further information by questions. Once a firm level of interest develops here, the next step is to create a Desire or a Decision.


This stage may lead to the actual sales offer or further research into the different options presented by the organization. After the prospective customer made their decision, the funnel leads to the final stage, called Action.


At this stage, the lead has decided to purchase the product and is a customer of the organization.

Videos for each stage of the sales funnel

Videos can integrate into the Sales Funnel and can be used at each stage of the funnel. Video content must be as short as possible. Indeed, it’s much easier to maintain viewers’ interest if the piece of content is short and concise. Keeping that in mind, let’s get into the specifics of how video can be integrated at each level.

At the top of the funnel

At that stage, the main goal is to make people aware of the brand and the best way to do that is by using explainer videos. A good explainer video will not only just highlight the benefits of your product or service but it will also build brand-name awareness. Using an emotional appeal here would better target the psyche of prospective customers.

In the middle of the funnel

It’s time to introduce them to some new kinds of videos. Since your brand is in the evaluation stage here, the main goal is to outshine the competitors and grab the potential customers attention. Here, testimonial videos of other customers or employee interviews and case studies can be very helpful. They build a connection in the eyes of the prospective customers. Finally, once the prospect reaches the bottom of the funnel, it’s time to close the deal. However, sometimes, the customers have further questions and doubts which need to be cleared. This is mandatory for them before making any final decision about your company’s product or service. In order to do that, simple how-to videos can be posted on your webpage so customers can refer to that page for their potential questions. Also, a video sales pitch can work really well at this stage. In trying to convince the customers that your product or service is exactly what they need.

Other communication channels

Video content is growing more and more and other methods are in a steep decline. However, it does not mean that they are dead. Let’s take blog posts for example, which are declining in engagement numbers and reachability. It does not necessarily mean that a brand should stop producing content in terms of text at all. One of the main goals of Integrated Marketing Communication is not to just double down on the most profitable IMC Tools. But it is also to have and deliver a consistent and really relevant brand image across all such platforms.

Words and blog posts might become even more relevant in the future. Some people have already started finding different ways of using words to grow their brand as fewer and fewer people are focusing on it. There is Quora and also the new platform called Medium which is great for producing textual content. Besides, many people are adding a small blog post to their other visual and video content on Facebook and Instagram posts.


A high level of focus on video in the sales funnel is extremely important but is not the only thing that matters. An all rounded holistic approach is what needs to be taken here, with a higher focus on video. More emphasis needs to be put on video marketing as a part of the Sales Funnel. Indeed, it is a highly engaging communication tool for brands to reach out to their current and potential customers.

Author: Adarsh Udassi
Graphics: Alba Fernàndez Gonzàlez

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