Video optimization for mobile devices

‘More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices’, ‘The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000’, ‘92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others’ and we could continue bringing you the official statistics on how crazily popular mobile videos became among people these days. And even without observing those ‘think with google’ facts it’s always enough to look around and see that almost every living soul is stick to the screen of the phone, video diving and sharing the content with others.

And, maybe, some authorities could already think of changing the road laws and establishing special ‘online pedestrian crosswalks’. But this is not our interest at the moment.

It’s not a secret that consumer habits are changing according to the technology booms, which are simplifying the access to the information. So, with the rising popularity of videos on social networks, people are more about
to check the video contents on their Super Retina HD displays. Thus, you need to work on more successful video marketing strategy to fit into consumer’s behaviour.

And having analyzed the video marketing statistics, here we will present top tips to help your videos get ready and optimized for being checked on the mobile devices.

Keep it short

– ‘You have a new notification on your phone! Check it!’

How many seconds will your patience last for not pressing on the notification pop-up if you, let’s say, are checking the video on your Facebook newsfeed?! Well, you can say it depends on the importance of both the video you are watching and the message you are supposed to receive. But the fact is that people seem to have lost their patience these days. Mobile viewers decide whether to check the video or not based on the duration of it. It is a common tendency to scroll down the app if the video is not short. In fact, 56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long .

So, the length of the video for mobiles really matters! According to OOYALA Global Video Index Report ‘consumers are more likely to watch more long-form video on tablets than on desktop computers or smartphones’.

Users of different social networks look through too much information daily, that’s why the time of their concentration is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, when creating videos, the length plays the archival role. The faster and easier the content is, the more likely it is to attract the attention of subscribers. Short videos have time to catch the interest of the user before he or she scrolls the feed down.

Marketers are advised to adjust their creatives so that video duration can capture attention immediately. Approximately 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds.

Therefore, you do need to create a really good intro. And, for sure, don’t forget to keep your video short and remarkable to stand out in that huge flow of video content for mobile users.

Calls to action available for mobile users

While optimizing your video for mobile devices you need to elaborate the details concerning the interface usability. One of those important things is an easily clickable calls-to-action button, which links your video content with
the landing page like overlays, sign-up, free trial, etc.

A well prepared call-to-action is the link between the video and the useful action that you are waiting for from the subscriber. You can shoot amazing videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of reposts. But if you do not explain what the next step is after watching the content, you make a serious mistake.

What can you offer for the subscriber? Ask to comment on the publication, go to the site, register, just anything what can keep the interest. Develop relationship with a potential client to convert him into a real one.

You should probably know all the tips about how the CTAs should look like on you webpage. But at the same time you need to make sure that the CTAs are located correctly in an easy-to-find spot and are lange enough to be seen on the mobile version of your video content. Otherwise, it’s a pity if a cool and nicely prepared video will lose out on potential CTA conversion because it is too small to click it on.

Therefore, test the features of the content as if you are the application user to make sure everything works how it should.

More visual, less audio

A wide majority of the mobile video views happens in a silent mode. This is the case of nearly 85% mobile views. For instance, this is proved by the millennial news site Mic, which is averaging 150 million monthly Facebook
views. They said 85 percent of its 30-second views are without sound.

And this is not a surprise, since such social networks as Facebook and Instagram developed the style that allows users to check the new posts without the sound.

And you will agree that this is pretty convenient. We suppose you still can remember those times, when the videos were played with sound by default on Instagram. It did not last long though, what is quite logical, because
sometimes you could trap into silly situation somewhere on a boring mass meeting.

And even though the viewers have their headphones plugged in, there is a huge probability your massage of the video can be easily lost in the big city life sounds.

What we try to show is that you need to become your own kind of Charlie Chaplin while making the video for smartphones. You need to show but not tell the story. Think about some cool animation for your video, which is visually interesting and understandable.

Sound should not be the attribution for the video, which people can potentially check on their mobile phones. The basic philosophy is that a video for mobile devices should be cool in itself without sound. And sound in its
turn should just make the video even better. Respect this simple rule for not risking you video being misunderstood.

Use vertical or square shape

2017 became the year when mobiles devices started prevailing for the video views. So, the mobile virtual reality brought the normal attitude to the vertical videos. The interface of the most popular social platforms and apps is
orientated on the vertical views as we hold our phones. And from then on vertical videos became a norm but not something unprofessional and low-quality.

“Vertical video delivers better results than standard video in environments where people tend to hold their devices upright.” Recently Facebook updated the news feed with ‘larger vertical video format in the Facebook app’. It definitely doubles down on portrait mode videos. Instastories, Snapchat and Facebook posts, all of them have a portrait mode. Nowadays people hate horizontal videos on the social networks. Facebook recommends ‘designing for mobile first to maximize your impact through vertical video in every scenario possible, making your video more visually engaging by using a format better suited to mobile, such as a vertical or square video.’

So, following this way of creating your video for mobiles will ensure higher percentage of the views for you. It’s time for it!

Loud silence

As videos in many social networks are automatically played without sound it is important to know how to create a visually appealing video. The cover for the video is the first thing that users see when your video is published in the news stream. The type of cover you choose can greatly affect whether users click on the Play button or not.

Many platforms automatically select the cover as soon as you upload the video. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offer you to choose one of several options when uploading your video. The installed cover can be changed later only on Youtube, so we advise you to carefully consider the choice.

Additionally, you need to use text in your videos. You can experiment with different animation effects apart from the subtitles. But remember, do not overdo them!

Drawing the conclusions, you need to consider that the mobile users consume information at a very high speed – one post gets about 1.7 seconds of attention. And people choose what to watch, depending on the place where they are at the moment.

People check the applications for a few seconds and immediately leave them, but they just easily return to the content that interested them. So, using those tips we presented can help you to win the potential mobile users with your cool video marketing. Just go for it!

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