Viral videos in your marketing strategy How to make your video go viral

Having a viral video is one of the most effective ways to promote brands, products, services and so on. Many websites and business reach a high engagement with their audience thanks to these videos. Viral marketing is the marketers’ dream.

The purpose of a viral video is usually to provoke actions and decisions. These actions depend on the interests of the customer, on who views the video. Afterward, they can express the desire to purchase a certain product or service.

What makes a video viral?

Success in this field requires several factors. Luck, intuition and a deep understanding of the rules for marketing video creation. To produce a viral video, you need, first of all, to create a good video overall. And whether it will become viral will be confirmed later.

What is viral marketing?

This content is created so that it can attract new recipients of information through a bright, creative and unusual idea. It occurs when the published content is so interesting that it spreading itself.

The popularity of viral video marketing has been growing lately. Fast Internet channels allow users to easily share video clips, photos, and music files. All sorts of online communities and blogs help spread the messages quickly.

Viral Internet marketing is based on the habit of people sharing news and useful information. Viral marketing aims to create such conditions.

Content worth sharing

In the case of viral videos, a hidden or public advertising message is distributed by users themselves. Say, someone liked a video and wanted to share it with friends on their social networks.

Almost every person who receives an interesting video message sends it to their acquaintance. However, creating a video is only half the story, the rest depends on how marketers will promote it.

What will help your video to go viral?

When to release

Statistical studies show that Monday or Tuesday are the best days for video release. It is at the beginning of the week when people often miss their work and plow the Internet space in search of something that can cheer them up. Plan the release date on Monday or Tuesday so your video will appear to a larger number of users.

Short but informative

Statistically, long videos do not make a proper impression on the audience as short viral videos do. Indeed, 19% of visitors abandon the video after 10 seconds of viewing, 44% fall off in a minute. It is recommended not to exceed 2 minutes.

Description to the video

Take care about the description that you give to the video you upload it. Search engines rely on a text description. Do not forget to add keywords in the description that will facilitate the work of search engines.

As an example, there is the video called Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady, which scored more than 7.5 million views on YouTube. In general, do not forget about the best title and description to add to the video.

Add subtitles

It is very important to add subtitles to the videos. In fact, many people watch the content without sound and do not hear what is talked about. In any case, those who watch videos with sound perceive information better with captions.

Call to action

How else to stimulate a person to leave mail / buy/call? The easiest way is to add the video to YouTube with clickable elements. You can add links to your video on your site or social network. Otherwise, invite viewers to click on something and leave their email or subscribe to a newsletter. The main idea is to make people want to do something, to let them know why, and to explain how to do it.

Different social media channels for your viral video

Additionally, you need to optimize your viral content for different social media channels. It is important to understand not only the clients but also the platforms on which you communicate with them. There are several trending social media platforms nowadays. The biggest ones are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • YouTube video is focused on how-to videos and tutorials. Do not forget to link your new video to the other relevant ones on your channel. There are no strict recommendations on the length of the video. Anyways, it should be informative and useful for how-to YouTubers.
  • Facebook is a nice platform for funny and informative videos without This is the key attribute to remember. Another statistically proven fact is that you need to upload a video to Facebook itself. Moreover, videos should be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Twitter is ideal for short videos revealing longer content. Same as Facebook, its platform is better for native videos, which are not linked to the other sites.
  • Instagram became the most visual social media channel. Your videos must be unconditionally eye-catching and meaningful while remaining short. You need to carefully and creatively use those 60 seconds.
  • Snapchat is better for funny short video content featuring daily life events.


In the end, the main points are the idea, realization, dynamics of the plot and support of your video.

Author: Valeria Krivets
Graphics: Andrea Fabiana Catania

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