YouTube Top 10 Trending Videos in 2018

On Thursday, December 6, YouTube shared the top 10 trending videos on the platform, with the group reaching more than 673 million views. Let’s see them.

  1. To Our Daughter

Headlining the list is Kylie Jenner’s “To Our Daughter,” an 11-minute video on the star’s pregnancy, which was largely kept out of the limelight until after Stormi was born in February. There are millions of people who love learning about star’s personal lives. Even more, when stars share their special moments with their audience. This video was emotional and that was one of the most important factors of the video’s success. The video has more than 75 million views.

  1. Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect’s second video on Real Life Trick Shots took second on YouTube’s top list of trending videos for the year, as the stars of the channel toss picture frames onto the wall and slice tomatoes with a quick toss into a knife. Everyone wants to make his/her life easier, don’t they? Of course they do. This is the best video to offers creativeness in an entertaining way.

  1. we broke up

In third, YouTube Vloggers David Dobrik and Liza Koshy shared the news of their break-up in an emotional video with fans. The video had more than 46 million views. Some people are afraid of sharing their breaking up. The way these guys are sharing their decision publicly and their interaction about this fact is very different than other people’s and that’s why impressed so many million viewers.

  1. Walmart yodeling kid

In a true nod to the variety found on YouTube, the fourth top trending video is of a kid in Walmart — yodeling. In the video, Mason Ramsey sings to Hank William’s Lovesick Blues with surprising ability, decked out in cowboy boots, a bow-tie, and a belt buckle — in aisle 12. The initial video later led Ramsey to more than 300 million views across multiple videos. It’s fact that this action is not so usual and that’s why it managed to gain so much attention. Also, watching not just a guy but a kid is something that gives more value.

  1. Do You Hear “Yanny” or “Laurel”? (SOLVED with SCIENCE) The fifth most popular video answered “The Dress” question of 2018 — does that recording say Yanney or Laurel? The creators at AsapScience explain the science of why the internet was divided on that recording. It’s something like a game which is very interesting and funny if you have company to see it. Everyone is going to enjoy it.

  1. Portugal v Spain – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – MATCH 3

The FIFA World Cup — which were also among the trending topics in 2018 for Facebook and Twitter — was the sixth most popular video, with Match 3 of Portugal versus Spain. You Tubers watched more than 300 million hours of the World Cup this year. Everyone loves football, especially watching big tournaments like Euro Cup, World Cup etc. This video contains the most important and interesting highlights of this game which is something that gains all the attention.

  1. Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House

A video from Primitive Survival Tool on building a swimming pool around an underground house was No. 7 on the list. It is so interesting to see how creative can a person be if he/she is willing to do something. Watching only two guys creating a home with limited equipment provided by the nature is really fantastic and remarkable.

The following three:

  1. Cobra Kai Ep 1 – “Ace Degenerate” – The Karate Kid Saga Continues
  2. Behan Bhai Ki School Life – Amit Bhadana
  3. Người Trong Giang Hồ Phần 6 | Lâm Chấn Khang | Full 4k | Truyền Nhân Quannhị Ca | Phim Ca Nhạc 2018

The YouTube Original Cobra Kai episode one Ace Degenerate, which continues the Karate Kid saga was next on the list, followed by a video by comedian Amit Bhadana and a film from KhangProFilm are the final three top trending videos for the last year.

Writer: Lefteris Daniilidis

Graphic Designer: Nhi Ngo

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