For the company we have created a 2D animation film that would explain people, in the matter of fact Polish emigrants that moved out to Germany, of how with the help of this program it is possible to put aside a small amount of money daily in order to be able to get a lot more back by the time they retire.


The company providing the pension services and health insurances.

Target Group

- families whose members frequently go to work to Germany


Presenting the company and explaining all the benefits of the complicated service program in an easy way.


As a result of a tight collaboration between us and our client, we creating a 2D motion-graphics explanatory film with a link for an easy contact. Also, we consolidated a focus group test after creating a video in order to get a clear response to whether this video was easy to understand and persuasive enough to make them commit.

Afterwards, we found key issues that had to be addressed. That led to the correction of the video for the purpose of it to have a better outcome in the future. After this job, the feedbacks of the same target group participants proved that the video was of its way better version.


As a result, the video explanation and the focus group test greatly improved and speeded-up the sales prospecting and conversion process.


- 2D animation explainer

- Sound and voice-over

- Focus group testg

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