For the Eurovision Fanhouse, we created a 2D explanatory animation that would serve simply as a collection of the most fun and memorable facts about the whole Eurovision Song Contest.


The Eurovision Fan House is envisioned as an ever-expanding content, games, videos, blogs, merch & apps platform, that will connect and integrate the global Eurovision fan base with the Eurovision Song Contest, on a year-round basis.

Target Group

- FanHouse subscribers

- people who would want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest


Basically, from the very beginning we along with the client set up the most important fact we have to shed the light on. The light challenge was only how to present them in an easy and interactive way.


With the help of a 2D explanatory animation, we managed to create a good and easy to view film that in the aftermath served to be a good addition to the whole FanHouse base.


Eventual, with the help of the video, Eurovision FanHouse got its content expanded in order to get more traffic up onto their website. Much more views of their video base and better engagement in result brought them the increase in the Eurovision merchandize sales.


- 2D video animation explainer

- Voicing

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