For MARTINI “Celebrating 150 Years” campaign we created two 3D video animations that would represent Martini Asti limited edition bottle. One of the videos was aimed for winter holidays and the other just at any other holiday occasions. The videos and shots were used for TV, Internet and billboards. The end result was to raise up the sales for the company coming up from the promotional campaign.


Martini & Rossi is an Italian multinational alcoholic beverage company primarily associated with the Martini brand of vermouth and also with sparkling wine (for example, Asti). From its birth in Turin in 1863, it took on the world and succeeded. It turned an icon, by 1903, MARTINI had become one of the most international brands worldwide; reaching 70 countries across all continents.

Main Target Group

- Martini lovers

- People seeking for a gift on a certain occasion


As the campaign was directed mainly to customers, the purpose of it was to trigger the celebration mood, share the emotion of a joy and show that the brand has reached its 150 years of existence. Further, to deliberately promote the limited edition bottle that had a marker attached to it and to show that it would allow people to draw whatever they want on the cover of the bottle for any kind of occasion.


The solution came next, to make two 3D animated commercial videos for TV and internet that would amount to around 30 seconds. First would be aimed at winter holidays, second – at any other holiday or occasion.

In order to see if the ad would work on the target audience, we consolidated a focus group analysis after creating the videos. The purpose was to make sure that the ad was triggering the right emotions, conveyed its main message along with the call-to-action and was genuinely liked by people.

The outcome of an empirical data analysis after the focus group test helped us to reveal the minor problems and to immediately fix them.


As a results of a good collaboration between us and our client, we managed to produce the videos that were perfect for its target audience, hence displayed on Internet, TV and as billboard cuts, and therefore, helped to get an excessive gain on sales as people loved the brand and its idea.


- working with 2D animation

- 3D animation

- graphic design

- focus group test

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