For the project of Microsoft called School in the Cloud, we created a 2D animation explanatory video that would serve as an internet campaign to perfectly explain to people what is a school in the cloud (a pack of Microsoft documents used at one cloud) and what are its benefits.


Microsoft School in the Cloud – is a project created by Microsoft employees aimed at providing schools with a pack of Microsoft tools and programs in order to establish an easier and better organized education process.

Target Group

- schools principals and staff

- parents

- school children


Easily explaining what is a Microsoft School in a Cloud program and all the benefits it tails up with; also creating a good call-to-action and making it simple for people to contact the company.


Creating a simple explanatory 2D animation video that would explain the product and give an easy contact to the office.

Past creating the video, we called up a focus group to run a test and identify if the video was a clear explanation of the service provided and whether the targeted person would like to use the program. That helped us to get a precise, qualitative and quantitative feedback on the project done and also bring in some valuable changes afterwards.


As a result of the campaign, the awareness of the Microsoft School in a Cloud program has drastically raised and there was a big interest noticed among schools. The video helped school executives as well as parents and children to easily understand the service and the possibility it provides. As for Microsoft, the department started to get less questions on what their service exactly does and the number of clients had vividly increased.


- 2D animation explainer

- Sound and voice-over

- Focus group test and data analysis

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