For Polish Ministry of the Environment, we prepared an educative video aimed at raising forest-awareness of children and inviting them to continue their studies at forest schools. We made sure of a video to be as interactive as possible as well as complying all the needs of our client, which were to raise awareness on forests protection, show the possibilities of attending those schools in different regions and make the offer decently attractive. Hence, as a result of the views gained, the number of a next-year forest schools attendees slightly increased.


Ministry of the Environment, through its input into national policies, fosters the environment protection both domestically and globally, and ensures the long-term, sustainable national development with respect of natural heritage and human rights to meet the needs of both the present and the future generations.

Main Target Group

- Kids that are about to go to senior technical schools

- Kids that would like to take part in vocational schools

- Parents


The basic requirement of an educative video aimed at children was its interactivity and assurance of an easy comprehension. There were also a couple of sub-tasks, which were to enlighten children on the topic of forest-awareness and to show how really attractive and easily accessible those schools are. Our job is to resolve all the tasks and challenges, with making sure that the video layout is child-friendly and that all the animation and sound engages the viewer and delivers the very content which is needed.


Before we started working on a video, we focused on a thorough analysis of matching our client’s needs with the basic expectation of a child from a video. Afterwards, we started the conceptual work, which resulted in a decision to use a Low Poly type of animation. After creating a couple of 2D still frames, we contacted the client and received a green light for further video development. Hence, it was decided to proceed on the project.

We showed a couple of video cuts to children and their parents as a part of our online focus group test in order to make sure children like the concept and that the videos clearly convey its main messages. Right after the Ministry of Environment and its target audience positively evaluated and approved the result, all the elements were piled up and bound in one video with the sound.


After having this video viewed by a certain number of people, the forest awareness got improved. Now much more children and parents new about forest protection and special existing schools. As this video also had shown the attractiveness and easy accessibility to the forest schools, the number of enrollees increased.


- Low Poly technique

- Sounding and voice-over

- Focus group online test

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