Our Services

We are a video marketing company that offers complex services including both video production and strategic consultancy. As a professional creator and also a reliable partner we set business and marketing goals along with our clients. The strong emphasis on communication and collaboration let us provide tailored campaigns that achieve the top-notch results.

People love stories. Craftoon loves stories. Tell us yours and we can transform it into video content that really converts and engages the watchers. We can present your business idea in a pretty influential and understandable way. Uniqueness is a must but we don't underestimate the power of the numbers. A balance between creative process, use of the latest technologies and analytical insight is a key factor to implement personalized solutions.

We have had a great pleasure to cooperate with both small local companies and international corporations. Every client gets individual approach and the same level of the involvement and energy. While developing the project, you can always get our help with:

  • high-quality video content
  • video perception analysis
  • content marketing campaigns
  • building the brand awareness and launching new products
  • educating your audience
  • raising the engagement
  • improving website metrics like traffic, bounce rate, average time spent on the landing page
  • major KPI's tracking

Video creation

Passion and enthusiasm let us grow day by day and create beautiful videos that fit into the brands' overall strategy and the communication standards. We produce animated and live action videos that are consistent with the clients vision and appealing to the target audience. The deep understanding of customers needs is demanding but the most important part of our the work process.

All the high quality of the graphics, storyline and the voice layover have a strong impact on the final watchers' impression. With the use of techniques such as 2D and 3D we produce viewer-oriented:

  • explainer videos that present your business idea in a simple but visually attractive way
  • product animations boosting sales and brand recognition
  • raising awareness campaigns
  • educational materials

We can also supplement your strategy with:

  • TV commercials
  • testimonials
  • employer branding videos
  • corporate videos
  • training videos

The effective video marketing doesn't work without the planning process and monitoring its results. We can also take care of:

Competitive analysis

We conduct a competitive analysis to give a comprehensive look at the micro and macro environment. The solid base of valid knowledge and deep understanding the market tendencies help find the features that differentiate yourself out of the competitors.

Marketing strategy

We adjust the content solutions to the needs, budget and distribution channels. This personal approach, caring for the details and observing the digital trends let us produce videos that solve the problems and have the real impact on the company KPIs. We can help you create short or long-term marketing strategy that you can easily implement.

Online marketing campaign planning

Significant and thoughtful online presence lets you attract new customers in the fastest possible way. We can support the process with the fresh content and practical knowledge about Social Media, PR and SEO from over 10 years of digital experience.

Focus group analysis

Taking care of the high quality goes hand in hand with testing its effectiveness. Most of the companies tend to skip this stage. We use the highly-concentrated focus groups to work more purposefully and test the potential of the video.

We are a team of designers and growth specialists always happy to observe fast video marketing and technology development. Staying up-to-date with the digital trends and tendencies we gladly share our video tips and tricks at Craftoon blog.