For Photler, which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, we created a 2D video explainer. The animation’s purpose is to present the product, its main idea, features and possibilities. Considering the fact that the target audience is mostly travelers, we had to steer the video that way so it covers all their main questions.


The main purpose of Photler is to allow users to create personalized web sites on the basis of ready-made templates, with the use of intuitive WYSIWYG editor. At the same time, Photler is also a collection of travel pictures taken by the best photographers from around the globe.

Target Group

- travel photographers without own websites or portfolio

- people searching for promotion or a place to sell their photos


The main challenge was to trigger the most important questions of the audience that might arise and cover all the features of the product. This also had to be done in the most interactive way to retain the viewer’s attention way up until the end.


2D animation had to be a perfect solution to explain this type of a SaaS product.

When confirming the effectiveness of the video, it was important to create a medium-size focus group analysis and to test if the video complies with all the requirements. Eventually, the test helped us to fix minor things that we and our client didn’t notice.


As a result, the company had noticed an increased comparable conversion to the one they had before. Additionally, the number of basic questions during the first process of the conversion loop had vividly dropped.


- 2D animation and motion graphics

- Voicing

- Focus group test

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