Product animations

Want to present or promote a product and show how it would look like in real life conditions? Then product animation is exactly for you.

With an appealing visual style and specific added value, it can both entertain and educate the audience, encourage people to show the engagement, make your brand more recognizable or even gives it the unique personality.
In 3D animation all the movements are presented in three-dimensional space with a use of digital tools. That gives a great effect of more realistic look and smooth gestures. It is extremely popular among the audience of all ages and it let them participate in memorable experience.

Why you need 3D product animation?

You put a huge effort into creating a hiqh quality product that stands out from the crowd. Thinking strategically, its unique features or brilliant design need a particular visual care to present their whole potential. 3D animation gives a flexibility with putting your vision into practice and presenting the subtle details like the object texture, wind ripples and shadowplay or dynamic scenes such as explosions.

The process

he creation process starts from a brief. A questionnaire helps us get to know all expectations and suggestions and also be precise in scheduling.

Outlining the goals that a company wants to achieve with the video or the whole tailored video campaign is vital for planning a marketing strategy. At this stage we gladly help our clients with:

  • strategic planning
  • competetive analysis
  • video perception analysis
  • content marketing campaign
  • KPIs tracking measurements

The first step for creating 3D animation video is preparing a script and storyboard with the client. We discuss the plot and put it into sequence and then we provide a draft of scenes with sample photos or graphics that represent product or character. This is time for picking the right techniques and stylizations.

The important part of the process comes after finishing script and storyboard is creating animatic video with the character models. Animatic gives a simple non-detailed view on the actions and objects to present the camera movements, models and dynamics. We create the final look of the animation during the rendering.
Besides technical animation aspects, narration and audio background play a very important role as well. In a final stage we take care of the appropriate sounds for the video.

We are not only a video agency with a strong team of creators but also growth experts that gladly assist in a process of testing and optimization. We use focus group analysis before the campaign launch. Planning and analyzing are the most important factors to decrease the cost and dedicated time and at the same bring as satisfying results as it is really possible.

What are the advantages of using product animation?

Surely, they depend on the aim of the project and the desired results but there are some common points that you can easily enjoy thanks to the 3D animation:

  • providing educational value for the audience – sharing knowledge with the customers make them more aware of your products features and application
  • building trust and credibility
  • distributing the content on different platforms including social media channels, blogs or websites
  • providing the unique buying experience

Who can use product animations?

3D animation is the technique that combines huge visual impression with a solid form of presenting each feature of the product with all its details.

  • Medical companies
  • Architecture
  • Safety, forensic, criminology
  • Automotive
  • Hi-tech
  • Electric appliances
  • Renewable energy

Craftoon - video tool of business performence infographic

High quality animated videos are extremely useful for the healthcare industry to educate not only the patients but also the doctors. This is a fine explicit way to present the physiological processes and surgery also for the veterinary medicine.

Videos of digitally modeled buildings placed in the lifelike environment are perfect for presenting the future effect of the model. The visualization gives a holistic look on the object that is especially helpful for the architecture and construction. It encourages people to make a purchase decision faster and more consciously.

That technique can be also used by the experts, companies and sectors strongly related with the safety matters. 3D animated visualizations are clear and precise enough to illustrate even the complicated processes or present the way of prevention from dangerous cases.

When it comes to the automotive, three-dimensional computer graphics is a huge facilitation during the designing and developing products that make it possible to save a lot of time, reduce the costs and avoid serious mistakes.

There is a lot of companies on the market that put an effort to create the innovative products or services. 3D animation simplifies presenting its functionality and purpose to make it more understandable for the wide audience. That is why product animations are recommended for the high-tech companies, renewable energy suppliers and electric appliances producers