Promotional videos

Perfect suit for Content Marketing, TV or Internet campaign commercial video of any nature. We provide customer-orientaded promotional videos that realize our customers business goals.

Why do you need a promotional video in your strategy?

Based on the trends from the recent years, we cannot underestimate a role of video in the content marketing strategy. It is the most powerful tool for promoting a produt, service or even the whole brand image in the way that is desired by the company. That way of communication play a huge role in creating connections and influencing potential customers. Besides the positive effect of increasing sales, there is much more benefits that you can gain by incorporating videos into your marketing strategy:

  • They are easier to remember than the text information and faster to get familiar with
  • It is an effective way of raising the brand awareness
  • Video let you show the human side, a personality of the company or team members
  • Improving website metrics like traffic, bounce rate, time spending on the landing page with the video published on the page is more likely to happen
  • Video is the most shareable type of content that encourage the viewers to show their engagement because of the included call to actions
  • You can educate the audience in an appealing way

The process

With an insight into clients intention and preferences expressed in a brief, we start planning a strategy that can bring measurable profits and achieve goals that are important for the company.

We believe that the video creation is a part the of integrated strategy that links marketing activities with the communication style. Understanding the company spirit is crucial for providing solutions that support brand recognition among the target audience. That holistic approach let us combine our analytics abilities with the great imagination of our designers.

The standard creative process start with scripts and storyboards. Plan of the action scenes that are going to be performed in case of promotional videos depends on factors and features that we want to particularly highlight. Then there is high time for the production preparation when we choose the locations, actors, decorations and design with clients.

The final part of the process covers filming and post-production.

The types of the video that helps businesses

Introductory videos

The purpose of that kind of content is to introduce the company and the team to the audience. Telling people, in a nutshell, what is the brand activity why you have decided to start your business and which benefits they can get if they decide to trust your experts and buy the product is the best way to build solid long-lasting relationships with your audience.

FAQ video

It is definitely one of the most appealing types of video for the customers. It is a session with the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) vital for the potential and existing customers. That creates a fantastic occasion to satisfy the people curiosity by giving them particular educational value. This form is highly engaging and it is a proof that the company takes care of the client’s issues.


Product testing a great tool to highlight the pros, cons and purpose of the products or its packaging. Thanks to the test videos customer will make a decision quicker and he will become more aware of the brand offer.


It is one of the most popular types of video among the YouTube users because of the relatively short length and a large amount of useful and practical information. In the past two years, the time duration of watching unboxing videos has grown over 10x on the mobile devices and the trend is not expected to slow down significantly.

Live streaming

Live streaming is about simultaneous recording and sharing video content among the Internet users in the real time. It is a powerful tool widely used by social media influencers and by the companies that would like to take their marketing and communication strategy to the next level. It is a pretty good way of building the brand's identity in the consumers' minds and introducing your team as the great experts with the authentic human face. Broadcasting your present activity is like an invitation for the viewers to meet you and keep you company during your daily activities. The popularity of live streams on Instagram and Facebook is still increasing and there is no wonder why people love it.

Who can use promotional video?

Promotional videos are probably one of the most universal types of the content to communicate with the customers and create brand awareness in consumers minds. Its significant adventage encouraging to provide brand videos is the possibility of broadcasting them in digital media and television. They can be tailored to the needs of all sectors.

For transport companies promotional videos inform about launching new services or opening new lines and connections. In case of the travel industry, it is a perfect way of presenting the facilities and attractions of destinations.
That kind of video perfectly fits into marketing strategy for food processing industry. It is helpful to promote new products and share information about its specific features.