For the Vienna City Administration app “Sag’s Wein” we developed a short 2D animation video explainer that would share all the features of the app with people, tell of its use and purposes. Hence, the video was launched as an internet and public transport campaign aimed at the citizens of Vienna.


The newly developed app of the Vienna City Administration “Sag’s Vienna - The app for your concerns about the city“. With the help of this app, a person is able to report a concern, a danger spot or a disruption via smartphone to the Vienna City Administration at any time while on the move only in a 30-second period of time.

Target Group

- citizens of Vienna surfing the internet

- people using public transport


The challenge in front of us and our client was to establish the perfect amount of time devoted to the video in order to make the explanation short and at the same time pretty clear. Citizens were expected not to spend a lot of time for viewing the commercial and at the same time grasp the purposes of the app and the simplicity of its usage. The whole video was supposed to be viewer-friendly and not over-distractive.


The perfect solution for that case was to create a 2D animation that would reveal to the citizens the way of how they could submit all of their concerns to the City Administration not really spending much time on it. 2D animation happened to be a perfect solution, as it is not distractive and could be nicely used to shortly explain the main purpose of the app.

After creating it, it was important to run a medium focus group test in order to understand whether the video conveyed the important message in a clear way and whether it had a good call-to-action. The test proved the good result and hence, it gave us and our client a green light for the further launch of the campaign.


As a result, the number of the app users was gradually enhancing and relatively, the number of the city concerns was decreasing. The citizens of Vienna were happy that the city Administration cares about them in such a way.


- Script and storyboard composition

- Creation of a 2D animation explainer

- Voice over

- Focus group test

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