Video explainers

2D motion graphics animation is perfect for explaining your business idea in a clear and easy to remember way. Video explainers help answer the most important questions of the target audience and emphasize the key points using the two-dimensional space for the objects movements.

In a short time of 1-2 minutes with a simple form of explainer video you can present your offer, educate the audience, build trust and increase the viewers' engagement.

Why are the explainers so effective for business purpose?

  • Information conveying in video explainers are easy to understand and remember
  • Without an effort you can adjust the video to the new and loyal customers
  • It is a good way of creating a relationship between a brand a customer
  • They are human-centered, they raise the real existing problem and show how to overcome the obstacles
  • The production process is easy to control
  • You use explainers for a wide range of applications – from the business or educational purposes

Craftoon - video marketing advantages infographic

There are several techniques for the explainer videos such as 3D animation or motion graphics, infographics videos but 2D is definitely the most universal one.

The process

Providing high quality explainers requires deep understanding both the concept and the focus group preferences. As a strategic partner for our clients we dedicate time to get familiar with the product purpose and a brands character. A great video comes from a precise message that responds customers needs and difficulties. We take care of the characters that are realistic, representative and likeable and adjust a style of narration to the requirements and topic.

Conducting a market research let us make up with the idea that is not only visually attractive but also effective in bringing measurable profits.

The general structure of explainer include:

  • problem
  • a method of solving the problem
  • a benefits of the product or solution

Learning from the years of experience from working on digital projects we divide our explainer video production process into 6 stages:


Briefing is an initial step in whole creation planning that let us meet the clients expectations and recognize the main aims.


To perfectly understand why do you need explainer video we focus on the overall marketing strategy to prepare 2D animation that fits in its communication standards and let you achieve set goals.

Script & storyboard

We prepare script and storyboard with our clients to put the ideas into practice and make sure if we reach all expectations. The script is a plan of the scenes and the storyboard consists of a regular set of sketches.


The technical part of creating 2D animation starts from colored illustrations that show clients how the project would look like in reality.


Our designers provide a sequence of animation clips that are part of a story.


To gain all benefits from the explainer video we take care of the voice-over, music and sounds adjusted to the plot and animation characters. You can use the neutral tone of the narration that won't be connected with the exact person. That solution works well with social campaigns that aim at raising poeple awareness about some serious matters such as violence or any form of harassment.

Who can use video explainers?

The wide range of purposes for the video explainers makes them a powerful tool for the industries such as:

  • medicine, pharmacy and healthcare
  • educational institutions
  • culture sector and entertainment industry
  • non-government organisations (NGO)
  • startups

Healthcare sector can make a use of explainers for a number of different reasons. That kind of video works great with introducing new pharmaceutical products or pills which will be launched soon in the market. 2D animation offers a great possibility to educate and inform patients about the healing process or diseases prevention in a clear, persuasive way.

The power of video explainers lays in the effectiveness of conveying knowledge. It supports the learning process with the appealing interactive form. Schools, universities and training institutions can use the explainers to clarify short concepts to the students. That solution helps save time and make the own work easier.

For the cultural purpose 2D animation lets present the whole events or festival ideas with its policy and agenda.

Besides building a brand recognition video can raise awareness about some vital matters such as contagious diseases, endangered species or domestic violence. The non-government organizations should definitely consider implementing explainers to act more effectively with educating people at any age or social groups.

In startup environment animated videos that present the existing problem and a solution with a use of offered product or service will bring many priceless benefits. Reaching the potential clients and investors is the most essential.