DQR Group, the owner of three companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, ordered a series of videos to empower their marketing campaign. As a young company in an extremely competitive and lively market, DQR group had to stand out and convince. To do so, the blockchain company was looking for a talented video production agency in Eastern Europe. As a specialist in the creation of such short movies and animations for digital and high-tech start-ups and corporates, Craftoon, located in Poland but working global, was a natural choice. Craftoon delivered a clever cocktail of videos including explainer videos, myth buster series and interviews in the form of camera movie, live documentaries, teasers and video clips.


Created by philanthropic blockchain and cryptocurrencies experts in 2016, DQR Group has an educational and altruistic vision about their domain. Located in Malta, the group now has three distinct yet closely related companies.

  • DQR-X is a trading platform with its own index fund. Its goal is to make investments into cryptocurrencies safe and available to anyone, anywhere. DQR-X is thus making cryptocurrencies reachable, comprehensible and manageable by any user.
  • DQR-Academy’s goal is to become the spearhead of the education about blockchain technology and related topics. By providing tutorials and intuitive lessons, the Academy hopes to make that young technology more known and trusted by all individuals, thereby helping it reach its full potential.
  • DQR-Give is all about DQR’s philosophy. The foundation is indeed the main reason for the very existence of the two previous branches. DQR-Give allows users to create charitable projects that will be endorsed by others. A part of DQR’s revenues and donations are allocated to the most upvoted ideas.

Main Target Group

  • Cryptocurrencies investors and enthusiasts
  • Cryptocurrencies skeptics and novices
  • Startup founders using the blockchain technology
  • People believing that technology can make the world better
  • People keen on having a de-centralized and non-governmental or corporate finance


Nowadays unmissable, the blockchain technology is, however, still surrounded by mysteries and hazy opinions. In order to gain visibility and trust, DQR had to overcome that lack of intelligibility and trustworthiness. The main challenges Craftoon and DQR had to face were the following:

  • Knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain is still poor.
  • Prospects need to be reassured regarding the recent confusion and disillusion with Bitcoin.
  • Fresh and unusual technologies are hard to trust until they reach a critical mass.
  • Several myths tarnish the technology’s potential and the cryptocurrencies market.
  • An all-digital company feels distant from customers. They prefer human contact.
  • Being able to captivate and persuade the viewers in a little bit of time.


Craftoon as a video marketing agency released a whole mix of short video productions to help DQR Group surmount the aforementioned challenges.

  • The myth buster series: their goal was to debunk the common and popular prejudices about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as increase awareness about these topics. To enhance the message’s value, DQR’s founder and CEO is the spokesman himself. The camera movie videos produced by our movie production company are focused on the three main concerns:
    • The fear that cryptocurrencies are just a speculative bubble.
    • The doubts about their long-term and actual value.
    • The unknown creators and uncertainty about the possibility of them having left open a backdoor to keep an access to their own technology and users private data.
  • The camera movie interviews and documentaries: by introducing each founder and C-levels in charge, they help to close the gap between the digital company and their users and prospects. The interviewed persons are featured in short, well-paced movies, talking in front of the cameras. Showing how passionate, involved and au courant they are was the main point. Besides, as DQR’s philanthropic vision is extremely important for the company, short camera films are perfectly suited to share it.
  • The gala event after movie: DQR hosted a gala reception to celebrate the launch of their companies. A top-notch film was essential to glorify that prestigious event. Once more, they give a sociable and friendly image to the company. Craftoon video production made sure that the cryptocurrency start-up was provided with corporate movies matching its stature and expectations.
  • The advertisement and trailers: showcasing the blockchain company and their offer as well as acting as explainer videos, these films use high-quality footage, 2D and 3D animation and voice-over made by Craftoon video experts. DQR-Give teaser features authentic footage perfectly suited to its human-centered vision while DQR-X ad concentrates on dynamic and modern clips this type of blockchain company requires.


The clever combination of all these marketing videos focuses on establishing a relationship based on trust and increasing the public’s knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The founders and other important employees share their vision and enthusiasm in front of the cameras, thus becoming likable and trustworthy.

The myth buster series of videos produced by Craftoon made an outstanding performance as they are demystifying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, giving a human face to the company and bringing knowledge to the viewers all at the same time.

This wide video production by our Polish video agency was fitted to social media, online ads and websites are a perfect match for DQR’s marketing campaign in a tough market. Versatile and top-quality short movies and camera interviews were exactly what was requested and worked as intended.

Craftoon and DQR collaboration ended up being very successful for both parts. Craftoon’s expertise in video production for digital companies was a great fit for a blockchain company focused on cryptocurrencies.


  • Camera movie interviews
  • Short films and documentaries
  • Advertisement and explainer
  • Trailers and teasers
  • Voice-over and sound design
  • 2D and 3D animation
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